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Winemaking products approved for organic production – 2023-2024 Australia

The following products have been approved by ACO and OMRI as acceptable for use in certified organic food products in Australia

Australia 2024 ACO product listing

Wine Fermentation Guidelines for Australian Sauvignon Blanc 2020-2021

Sauvignon Blanc requires careful attention to aroma development, whilst maintaining acid balance and aromatic longevity. The use of specific quality driven winemaking tools (wine yeast, wine bacteria, specific inactivated yeast and nutrition ) contributes to the making of Premium Sauvignon Blanc. The following guide provides some key strategies to maximize the potential of Sauvignon blanc during wine fermentation.

Australia Guidelines for Sauvignon Blanc


Updated – Wine fermentation Guidelines for New Zealand Sauvignon blanc

The following document showcases some key strategies to maximize the potential of New Zealand Sauvignon blanc during wine fermentation

Guidelines NZ SB 2020



Bench Trial Procedure Determination of REDULESS Dosage rate

Reduless is a Specific Inactivated Yeast.  This is a unique yeast derived product with biologically bound copper, developed to reduce sulphur compound off-flavours and improve wine quality.


Bench Trial Procedure – Determination of Dosage rates for Noblesse or OptiLEES

Noblesse and OptiLEES are two different Specific Inactivated Yeast products, developed from two different oenological yeast strains.  These products are added post Alcoholic fermentation.  PRE-ADDITION LABORATORY BENCH TRIALS are highly recommended to determine which product best suits the wine and to confirm the most suitable dosage rate.  Refer to the information sheets in Expertise Documents for more technical information or the product technical datasheets.


Managing Smoke Taint in red and white grapes

The most high-risk period for sun damage and smoke taint is at the onset of ripening, or veraison.  There are several white and red winemaking techniques that could assist to minimize the smoky character in finished wine.


Please consult the documents enclosed and do not hesitate to contact us for support.

Smoke taint white Smoke taint RED

Smoke taint white