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Developped by Lallemand and the Institut Coopératif du Vin (France)

Add the first dose before or after yeast inoculation, then add the second dose in the infeed vat, when racking at the end of alcoholic fermentation.

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To maximize aromatic development (especially the exotic characters) in white and rosés wines. It also helps to stabilize the aromas, reduce oxidation and promote freshness in these types of wines.

Sensorial and Longevity



Enhance the “exotic fruit” character of your rosé and white wines

Punchy™ is an inactivated dry yeast suitable for making white and rosé wines. Its main benefit is to optimize your wines’ sensory profile by promoting full aromatic expression in exotic and citrus fruit profiles. Whether used during winemaking or aging, Punchy™ helps improve your wines’ aromatic intensity and gives them lasting organoleptic qualities. In “exotic fruit” profiles requiring specific winemaking process (choice of grapes, protection against oxygen as soon as they are harvested, subtle fermentation conditions, careful racking, aging and bottling), Punchy™ provides a special touch that makes all the difference!

Two doses of 15g/hL g/hL

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