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Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™

ICV, INRAe and Sup’ Agro Montpellier, France

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Competitive Factor

General Sensory Contribution
Enhance varietal aromas

Red Wine

White Wine

Rosé Wine

For fresh rosé and white wines with citrus and exotics notes

LALVIN ICV OPALE 2.0™ exhibits a special ability to produce very low level of H2S and SO2. Moreover, the final level of acetaldehyde fermented with LALVIN ICV OPALE 2.0™ will be a good asset to stabilize most wines with moderate SO2 level. Sensory attributes provide exotic, tropical and citrus fruit intensity. LALVIN ICV OPALE 2.0™ is a good alternative to other selected wine yeast to obtain more freshness in wine.

Fermentation Speed

Glycerol Production

Lag Phase
Very short

Nitrogen Needs

Alcohol Tolerance
16 %

SO₂ Production
Very low

Max. Temperature
30 °C

Min. Temperature
15 °C

H₂S 170ppm
Very low

H₂S 60ppm
Very low

Acetaldehyde Production
Very low

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