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Nutrition adapted to oenological yeast for the fermentation of Syrah


The new Stimula Syrah ™ was specially developed to contribute to the release of varietal aromas (thiols, terpenes and norisoprenoids) and avoid unwanted sulfur odors. It is particularly rich in different sources of nitrogen (free peptides and amino acids), specific vitamins (pantothenate, thiamine) and minerals adapted to Syrah and other similar varieties. Since the absorption of thiol precursors occurs in the earliest stages of fermentation, the addition of Stimula Syrah ™ at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation (AF) will improve yeast metabolism, avoiding any catabolic repression and increasing efficiency. of the conveyor. This is essential for thiol precursors and their bioconversion to volatile thiols, in particular 3-mercaptohexanol (3MH). In addition, the high level of vitamins (pantothenic acid) helps to avoid the production of H2and limits the excessive reductive character that masks the favorable aromas. The optimized content of trace elements (magnesium) also increases the resistance of yeast to ethanol.

Get the most out of your cabernet varieties with the specific yeast nutrient Stimula Cabernet ™


The Stimula ™ range is depleted with Stimula Cabernet ™, a custom-made nutrient that serves to optimize the aromatic potential of Cabernet varieties. Stimula Cabernet ™ is particularly rich in sources of nitrogen (especially small peptides), vitamins (biotin) and minerals (magnesium, zinc). Small Peptide Transporters (dipeptides and tripeptides) have been identified in our research and collaboration and in the presence of the appropriate trace elements. Absorption of this peptide results in increased yeast ester synthesis. The addition of Stimula Cabernet ™ at the end of the development phase enhances the yeast metabolism of aroma biosynthesis. This overexpression of the fruity aromatic potential also leads to the reduction of the vegetal character. The well-balanced nutrition provided by Stimula Cabernet ™ reduces yeast stress during alcoholic fermentation (AF).

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The effect of adding mineral nitrogen (DAP) was therefore compared to that of these new specific nutrient formulations (Stimula ™ Chardonnay and Stimula ™ Sauvignon Blanc), at different times of addition during the FA. The impacts of the nitrogen source and the timing of addition were confirmed, resulting in two distinct organoleptic profiles.


Stimula Chardonnay™

Stimula™ is a new range of 100% yeast autolysate formulated to supply the optimal levels of amino acids, sterols, vitamins and minerals known to optimize the aromatic metabolism of the yeast. Stimula Chardonnay™ is particular rich in biotin, B6 vitamins, magnesium and zinc which optimize the volatile ester biosynthesis by the yeast. Use Stimula Chardonnay™ at 40 g/hl at the first 1/3 of alcoholic  fermentation to enhance the biosynthesis of aroma compounds and support the bioconversion of precursors to volatile esters until the end of the fermentation.


Stimula Chardonnay TDS SA

Stimula Sauvignon Blanc™

Stimula™ is a new range of nutrients of 100% yeast autolysate formulated to supply the optimal levels of amino acids, sterols, vitamins and minerals to optimise the aromatic metabolism of yeast. Stimula Sauvignon Blanc is particularly rich in panthotenate, thiamine, folic acid, zinc and manganese in order to optimise the uptake of 4MMP and 3MH precursors and their subsequent bioconversion to volatile thiols by yeast. Use Stimula™ Sauvignon Blanc™ at 40g/hl at the start of fermentation and optimise your thiols.


Stimula Sauvignon Blanc TDS SA