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The first selected natural wine yeast for red to not produce SO2: Lalvin Persy™

Lalvin Persy™ has a unique property in that it will not produce any SO2 during alcoholic fermentation, and also, non-perceptible amount of H2S.  This makes it an ideal wine yeast for varietals such as Shiraz, Tempranillo and Pinot Noir, where it will produce wines that will fully express their varietal aromas.   The fruit characters are enhances, the freshness and aromatic persistency optimized. Lalvin Persy™ is a good fermenter, had good tolerance to alcohol and is compatible with malolactic fermentation.

The selection of Lalvin Persy™ was done through a collaborative study between Lallemand, Montpellier SupAgro and INRA Montpellier. This innovative selection technique for yeast has been patented:

«Method of control on the production of sulfites, hydrogen sulfur and acetaldehyde by

The best natural anti-oxidant : Glutastar™ The specific inactivated yeast with guaranteed glutathione level

For  an efficient protection against browning and aroma oxidation in white and rosé wines, a better aromatic expression, freshness, and a longer preservation of thiols and esters when added to the grapes or the must at the earliest stage in winemaking process, before the fermentation, Glutastar™ is the latest SIY to protect the wine from oxidation.

The addition of GLUTASTAR™ contributes not only to enhance aromatic intensity and persistency due to the release of a high level of stabilizing peptides, but also to increase mouthfeel perception and wine thickness due to the polysaccharides enrichment, both in white and rosé wines.

GLUTASTAR™ is the result of a research collaboration with the Institut Universitaire de la Vigne et du Vin de Dijon, France, that studied its efficiency via metabolomic approach. The combination of the original selected natural wine yeast and the optimized production process ensures the ability of GLUTASTAR™ to release the highest level of reduced glutathione and stabilizing peptides exhibiting a high free radical scavenging activity.


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The effect of adding mineral nitrogen (DAP) was therefore compared to that of these new specific nutrient formulations (Stimula ™ Chardonnay and Stimula ™ Sauvignon Blanc), at different times of addition during the FA. The impacts of the nitrogen source and the timing of addition were confirmed, resulting in two distinct organoleptic profiles.




Purelees Longevity TM

Purelees Longevity is a newly developed SIY. Added at 20g/HL has the capacity to consume 1mg/l of dissolved oxygen. This product protects wine against oxidation during storing, aging and transport.


Questions and Answers on Purlees Longevity 2016

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ML Prime™ - No risk of volatile acidity

Bio-control to preserve wine quality and reduce risk of VA

ML Prime™ is a new concept of freeze-dried starter culture with a powerful Lactobacillus plantarum with very high malolactic activity and no risk of volatile acidity (VA) production. It has been developed with a new production process that optimizes the active bacterial culture. Its high malolactic enzyme activity strongly shortens the lag phase and can quickly degrade malic acid content up to 3 g/L. It is able to achieve a very fast malolactic fermentation before the growth of indigenous bacteria, often responsible for the VA increase or other wine defects in high pH conditions. Used in co-inoculation, it is perfectly suited to conduct MLF in classical red winemaking process using short or medium macerations or thermovinification process on the liquid phase. It is the perfect tool for winemakers for red vinification with low natural acidity and pH ? 3.4.

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