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Lalvin ICV SunRose™ wine yeast to enhance freshness and red fruit character in your rosé wines

Lalvin ICV SunRose™

Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is a selected wine yeast isolated from nature and specifically recommended for rosé wines that are red fruit focused. Lalvin ICV SunRose™ produces elegant and complex wines with a balanced, round mouthfeel while preserving freshness.

Selected in collaboration with the Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV) Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is especially suitable for Mediterranean grape varieties. Lalvin ICV SunRose™ favours the development of fresh, fruity aromas and it is suitable for different processes such as skin contact or saignée, while retaining the freshness that rosé lovers are looking for.  It develops volume and roundness on the palate thus offering highly sought-after balance that is valued in modern rosés.

With excellent implantation rates, low volatile acidity production even in grapes with high initial sugar content grapes and robust character, Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is perfectly suitable for the fermentation of ripe grapes.



LEVEL2 GUARDIA™ is a new non-Saccharomyces wine yeast (Metschnikowia pulcherrima) selected from nature by IFV (Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin), highly adapted for bioprotection in wines. It can help to managing microbial dynamics by encouraging beneficial microorganisms and repressing the growth of detrimental ones which  is the fundamental principle of biocontrol. When applied early in the process, LEVEL2 GUARDIA™ we have early and efficient colonization of red musts.

LEVEL2 GUARDIA™ has been screened and chosen for its capacity to secrete naturally high concentrations of pulcherrimic acid, a strong iron chelating agent. This iron depletion makes the environment unsuitable for the growth of contaminant microbes. These unique characteristics make, LEVEL2 GUARDIA™ highly efficient against a wide range of undesirable microorganisms (oxidative yeast, Brettanomyces spp., acetic bacteria) that can result in faulty wines.

LEVEL2 GUARDIA™ is suitable for organic wine production according to EU regulation.



LEVEL2 INITIA™ is a non-Saccharomyces wine yeast (Metschnikowia pulcherrima) selected from nature in Burgundy with the IFV (Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin). LEVEL2 INITIA™ is an innovative and complete bioprotection tool developed to face the challenges of reducing the use of SO2 in white and rosé prefermentative steps.

LEVEL2 INITIA™ is the first bioprotection yeast developed to limit oxidation phenomena in the early steps of winemaking due to its dual action of consuming oxygen and decreasing copper levels. Indeed, LEVEL2 INITIA™ has been selected from more than 100 strains of Metschnikowia pulcherrima for its high dissolved oxygen consumption capacity. When used during pre-fermentative steps, it can partially decrease copper content, known as a catalyzer of oxidation reactions.

LEVEL2 INITIA™ also has the capacity to control a wide range of undesirable microorganisms.

As it is non fermentative and able to grow at low temperatures, LEVEL2 INITIA™ is a great biological tool particularly well adapted to manage prefermentative steps in white and rosé vinification. LEVEL2 INITIA™ is suitable for organic wine production according to EU regulation.

A biological alternative to chemical acidification in wine with Laktia™


Laktia™ a pure culture of Lachancea thermotolerans is a natural alternative for acidification.

This selected natural wine yeast is our new addition to the non-Saccharomyces  portfolio and was selected for its unique properties to produce high level of lactic acid during fermentation. Used in sequential inoculation with most selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast for white and red winemaking, Laktia™ is a natural alternative to manage the acidity of red wine  by producing significant level of lactic acid. Brining more than freshness and acidity, Laktia™ brings aromatic complexity to red wines.

Whether it is used as a blending component and/or to re-equilibrate red wines from hot climate, it will fit well into the different natural solutions the winemaker can used during the upcoming harvest


The first selected natural wine yeast for red to not produce SO2: Lalvin Persy™


Lalvin Persy™ has a unique property in that it will produce very low SO2 during alcoholic fermentation and also non-perceptible amount of H2S.  This makes it an ideal wine yeast for varietals such as Shiraz, Tempranillo and Pinot Noir, where it will produce wines that will fully express their varietal aromas.   The fruit characters are enhanced and the freshness and aromatic persistency optimized. Lalvin Persy™ is a good fermenter, has good tolerance to alcohol and no negative interaction with malolactic fermentation.

The selection of Lalvin Persy™ was done through a collaborative study between Lallemand, Montpellier SupAgro and INRA Montpellier. This innovative selection technique called;  “Method of control on the production of sulfites, hydrogen sulfur and acetaldehyde by yeast” has been patented.