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Booster blanc™

Developed in collaboration with Institut Coopératif du Vin

Add to juice or at the end of fermentation

What For
Increase mid-palate intensity and fresh fruit


White Wine

Rosé Wine

Increase mid-palate intensity and fresh fruit

Booster Blanc® is made from the inactivated yeast cells of a yeast that was isolated and selected by the ICV. It is produced with an inactivation process exclusive to Lallemand that makes the soluble fractions of the yeast cell walls rapidly available in the must. When added to the juice, Booster Blanc® participates in the colloidal balance of the wine, boosting the mid-palate intensity and protecting the fresh fruit aromas of white and rosé wines. Interaction between the aroma compounds and the inactivated yeast macromolecules from Booster Blanc® shows more acid aroma perception and limits ethereal, chemical and burning perceptions in the mouth, particularly in wines made from botrytized grapes. For high-end white or rosé wines from ripe grapes, Booster Blanc® helps develop intense and balanced aromas mid-palate, making it a good sensory complement for wines fermented with Enoferm ICV D47™ and Lalvin ICV D21™. Booster Blanc® may also be added towards the end of fermentation to add mid-palate intensity and decrease perception of woody aromas, such as sap/sawdust, in wines aging in new barrels. Dosage recommendations: Add Booster Blanc® to the juice at 20-40 g/hL (1.6-3.2 lb/1000 gal) for mid-palate mouthfeel and aromatic freshness. Add Booster Blanc® towards the end of fermentation at 20-30 g/hL (1.6- 2.4 lb/1000 gal) for mid-palate intensity, mouthfeel contribution and overall balance.

20-40 g/hL

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