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Lallemand Oenology latest innovations win prizes at Intervitis

IONYSWF™, MLPrime™, Malotabs™ and Bactiless™ received special awards and Innovation awards  at INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA .  The products were honored for their contribution towards progress in the wine, fruit juice and special crop industries.  The Innovation Award is awarded by the German Winegrowers’ Association in cooperation with DLG (German Agricultural Society) for technical processes, systems, products or services.

Selected wine yeast naturally increasing the acidity perception of wines fermented from low acid musts resulting in more balanced wines.

SPECIAL AWARD – Bactiless™
Fungal chitosan derivatives that help to control potential spoilage bacteria populations in wines.

An easy to suspend tablet form of wine bacteria making malolactic fermentation inoculation of barrels a breeze. 

Unique cultured Lactobacillus plantarum wine bacteria to conduct MLF when co-inoculated in higher pH red musts without the risk of acetic acid production.