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ML Prime™ Selected by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy, Lactobacillus plantarum Red Wine

15.5 % 3.4 Product Declaration Safety Datasheet ML Prime™ is a new concept of freeze-dried starter culture with a powerful Lactobacillus plantarum with very high malolactic activity and no risk of volatile acidity (VA) production. It has been developed with a new production process that optimizes the active bacterial culture. Its high malolactic enzyme activity strongly shortens the lag phase and can quickly degrade malic acid content up to 3 g/L. It is able to achieve a very fast malolactic fermentation before the growth of indigenous bacteria, often responsible for the VA increase or other wine defects in high pH conditions. Used in co-inoculation, it is perfectly suited to conduct MLF in classical red winemaking process using short or medium macerations or thermovinification process on the liquid phase. It is the perfect tool for winemakers for red vinification with low natural acidity and pH ? 3.4.
Lalvin 31™ Selected from IFV France Oenoccocus oeni Red Wine

White Wine

14 % > 3.10 Structure Fruity Freshness Product Declaration Safety Datasheet Lalvin 31™ (MBR®) was selected by the Institut Technique du Vin (ITV), France, and performs well under such stressful conditions as low pH (>3.1) or low temperature (>14°C/57°F). Final color intensity depends on the duration of malolactic fermentation (MLF). By being able to carry out MLF at low temperature, Lalvin 31® gives the winemaker control to obtain wine with higher color intensity and stability; Lalvin 31™is noted for its good sensory balance in red and white wines, and for low production of biogenic amines; Lalvin 31™ benefits from the addition of a alolactic nutrient such as Opti’Malo PLUS™.
Lalvin VP41™ Italian selection from the CRAFT project Oenococcus oeni Red Wine

White Wine

16 % >3.2 Fruity Mouthfeel Freshness Product Declaration Safety Datasheet Lalvin VP41® was isolated in Italy during an extensive European Union collaboration to research natural Oenococcus oeni strains. Numerous wineries and enological institutes participated in this four-year effort to isolate, study and select malolactic bacteria with unique winemaking properties. The positive mouthfeel contribution of Lalvin VP41® stood out in tastings when compared to other ML bacteria strains. In temperatures below 16°C (61°F), Lalvin VP41® is a slow starter, but will complete fermentation. The very good implantation, high alcohol and SO2 tolerance, plus the steady fermentation kinetics of Lalvin VP41®, make it a very reliable malolactic fermentation culture to use when a significant impact on wine structure is desired.

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