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Lallzyme C White Wine

Rosé Wine

Clarification Lallzyme C™ is an enzyme formulated for clarification of white juice or wine. It has a low cinnamyl esterase activity to help protect against the formation of undesirable vinyl phenols. Lallzyme C™ contains the three main pectinase activities (polygalacturonase, pectin esterase and pectin lyase) specifically proportioned to provide rapid clarification and settling.
Lallzyme Cuvée Blanc White Wine

Clarification, maceration, aroma, extraction Mild maceration enzymes and beta glucosidase Lallzyme CUVÉE BLANC™ was developed by Lallemand for use on white grapes during skin-contact maceration in order to obtain high quality white wines, rich in taste with intense mouthfeel, good structure and enhanced aromatic complexity. Lallzyme CUVÉE BLANC™ is a very specific blend of pectinases concentrated in complementary glycosidase activities. It is low in macerating activities (cellulases, hemicellulases), and therefore provides gentle juice extraction and fast clarification after pressing. Lallzyme CUVÉE BLANC™ has been used with success in different wine regions around the world, particularly for Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon.
Lallzyme Cuvée rouge™ Red Wine

Maceration Pectinase & beta-glucanase LALLZYME Cuvée Rouge is a specific enzymatic preparation presenting an optimal balance of pectinase and side activities for pre-fermentative maceration in red winemaking. LALLZYME Cuvée Rouge enhances the releasing of polysaccharides and aromatic precursors from grape berry cell walls.
Lallzyme EX™ Red Wine

Rosé Wine

Maceration, filtrability, Extraction Pectinase and low concentration in side activities Lallzyme EX™ is specially formulated to improve color stability and enhance mouthfeel in red wines. In addition to well-balanced pectinases, Lallzyme EX™ contains key activities involved in the controlled release of polyphenols, such as galactanase (a member of the hemicellulase family) and endo-cellulase. Both of these activities aid the pectinase action on the grape cell wall and allow a progressive liberation of polyphenols and tannin-bound polysaccharides. Lallzyme EX™ has been formulated to provide a gentle maceration, making it useful on all grape varieties, even when full phenolic maturity has not been reached.
Lallzyme Lyso-EASY Red Wine

White Wine

Rosé Wine

Inhibition of MLF Lallzyme LYSO-EASY™ is a purified natural enzyme preparation extracted from egg whites and is specific for inhibiting Gram-positive bacteria. Lallzyme LYSO-EASY™ is a very efficient lysozyme solution (22% solution, no preservatives, stable at room temperature for 18 months or longer when refrigerated) that can be added directly to the must, juice or wine. It works by lysing the protective outer membrane of Gram-positive bacteria. It does not inhibit yeast or Gram-negative bacteria, such as Acetobacter. To reduce the risk of spoilage lactic acid bacteria, use Lallzyme LYSO-EASY™ during cold soak, spontaneous fermentations, sluggish or stuck alcoholic fermentations, extended maceration and micro-oxygenation.

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