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Have you have missed out on the recent Lallemand webinar regarding the new game changer product in yeast rehydration (details below)?

You can find the webinar recording at the bottom of this message. 

Introducing a new game changer in Yeast Rehydration

Yeast rehydration is a crucial step in the life of a yeast. It is proven to improve fermentation performance. It assists with the recovery from the stressful drying process and the activation of the primary and secondary metabolism of the yeast. It is also proven to enhance the yeast sensory potential.

GO-FERMTM STEROL FLASHTM  is a unique yeast autolysate with a high concentration of bio-available sterols. It comes in a micro-agglomerated form for instant dispersion in cool water. Advantages include the following:
· No loss of yeast vitality, even under harsh conditions.
· Instantly ready to add to your tank, no acclimatisation steps.
· Saves time, labour, and energy.
· Enhances aromatic compounds and improves sensory wine properties.


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