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Developed by Lallemand

Add to must or toward the end of fermentation

What For
For round and smooth tannins

Red Wine

For rounded and smooth tannin red wines

Opti-Red® is a unique natural yeast preparation that has undergone a specific preparation process to obtain a high level of polyphenol- reactive cell-wall polysaccharides. Using Opti-Red® in the must provides early high molecular weight polysaccharides availability for complexing with polyphenols as soon as the polyphenols are released and diffused. This early formation of polysaccharides-polyphenols complexes results in red wines with more intense colour, rounder mouthfeel and better tannin integration. Opti-Red® can be used alone or in conjunction with oenological maceration enzymes.

20-40 g/hL

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