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Lalvin Sensy™

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Competitive Factor

General Sensory Contribution

White Wine

Ideal for white varieties to promote varietal character, enhance aromatics and mouthfeel. A QTL yeast with low to no H2S, SO2 and acetaldehyde.

Lalvin Sensy™ has been characterized and selected for its very low capacity to produce H2S, SO2, and acetaldehyde, with the security to complete alcoholic fermentation especially when varietal aroma is sought after. Recommended for Pinot Gris, Semillon, Chardonnay and Colombard

Fermentation Speed

Lag Phase
Very short

Nitrogen Needs

Alcohol Tolerance
15 %

SO₂ Production
Very low

Max. Temperature
18 °C

Min. Temperature
12 °C

H₂S 170ppm
Very low

H₂S 60ppm
Very low

Acetaldehyde Production
Very low

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