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VP41 1-Step™

Red Wine

White Wine

Oenococcus oeni; highly tolerant strain which can perform under the most difficult winemaking conditions.

VP41 was isolated in a hot region of Italy during an extensive European Union collaboration to research natural Oenococcus oeni strains with unique performance and winemaking properties. VP41 demonstrates excellent tolerance to alcohol (near 16.5% v/v) and a good tolerance of low pH (down to 3.1). VP41 is sensitive to low temperatures and performs best when wine temperature is maintained above 16 degrees C. This strain contributes to the red berry fruit aromas in red wine. Diacetyl production; low in Coinoculation; low in sequential inoculation

Alcohol Tolerance
16 %

pH Tolerance

SO₂ Total Tolerance
<60 mg/L

Nutrient Demand

Min. Temperature Tolerance
16 °C

Max. Temperature Tolerance
28 °C

Diacetyl Production during co-Inoculation

Sensory Impact
Fruity Mouthfeel Freshness

Diacetyl Production by Post AF Inoculation

Biogenic Amines

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