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Lallzyme EX™


Red Wine

Rosé Wine

Macerating enzyme for early release red wines

LALLZYME® EX is a macerating enzyme specially formulated to improve juice and colour stabilization in red wines, and is well suited for early release red wines. In addition to selected pectinases, EX contains key activities involved in the controlled release of polyphenols, such as galactanase (a member of the hemicellulase family) and endo-cellulase. Both of these activities aid the pectinase action on the grape cell wall and allow a progressive liberation of polyphenols and tannin-bound polysaccharides. LALLZYME® EX has been formulated to facilitate colour improvement while limiting harsh and green tannin extraction, thus making it useful on all grapevarieties even when full phenolic maturity has not been reached. Also useful in white wine production where enzyme is added to grape must at pressing to enhance mouthfeel and varietal flavour profile. Available in water soluble crystalline form, it is added to red grapes at crushing at a rate of 20 to 30g/tonne of grapes.

Max. Temperature
28 °C

Min. Temperature
18 °C

2-3 g/hL

Pectinase and low concentration in side activities

Aspergillus niger

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