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Lallzyme Beta™


White Wine

Rosé Wine

Aroma-releasing enzyme

LALLZYME® BETA, is a blend of pectinases with beta-glucosidase, rhamnosidase, apiosidase and arabinofuranosidase, and is formulated for use in white wine varieties high in “bound” terpenols, such as Gewürztraminer and Muscat. The sequential actions of these activities cleave aroma precursors (aglycons) and enhance the varietal character in aromatic wines. The larger the reserve of aromatic precursors, the greater the effect of BETA. BETA has been formulated to act in a gentle way so it will not lead to an overexpression of aromas. As the beta-glucosidase enzymes are inhibited by free glucose, BETA is used at the completion of the alcoholic fermentation. Available in water soluble crystalline form, it is added to dry table wine at a rate of 5g/hL.

Max. Temperature
20 °C

Min. Temperature
12 °C

5 g/hL

Beta glucosidase et polygalacturonase

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