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LAKTIA™ wins the 2020 AUSTROVIN prize

From January 30th to February 1st 2020, AUSTRO VIN , the Austrian leading trade fair for viniculture, fruit growing, cellar technology and marketing  took place in Tulln, Austria. This wine fair is organized every two years.  Lallemand GmbH, our Austrian team, was present among the 240 exhibitors and presented our latest innovations for the wine industry.

We are proud to announce that LAKTIA™, one of our new Non-Saccharomyces wine yeasts released last year, won the innovation prize in the Keller Technik (winemaking) category.

LAKTIA™ was selected in the Rioja region (Spain) yeast biodiversity and is able to acidify red and white wines during alcoholic fermentation. It is a pure culture of Lachancea Thermotolerans. This selected natural wine yeast is Lallemand latest addition to our non-Saccharomyces portfolio. It was selected for its unique properties to produce high level of lactic acid during fermentation (up to 7g/L). This property makes it a natural alternative to manage the acidity of red and white wines. Additionally to conferring freshness and acidity, LAKTIA™ also enhances aromatic complexity in wines from the beginning of alcoholic fermentation. As with all non-Saccharomyces yeast, LAKTIA™ must be used in sequential inoculation with a selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast for white and red winemaking.

Next edition will take place from January 27th – January 29th, 2022.

More information on LAKTIA can be found there :