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MALOTABS™, the first tablet for malolactic fermentation in barrels by Lallemand Oenology

Malolactic fermentation can sometimes be tricky, especially in barrels. In order to simplify the process and secure malolactic fermentation, Lallemand Oenology proposes Malotabs™ , a small tablet containing the proper concentration of selected wine bacteria for barrel malolactic fermentation.

Malotabs™ – Easy-to-use and Easy-to-add

In collaboration with Eurotabs, a tableting expert, Malotabs™ can be added directly to the barrel with no prior preparation. The tablet containing the specific wine bacteria, Oenococcus oeni, dissolves quickly and homogenously, ensuring that malolactic fermentationcarries through to completion. Available for white and red wines, Malotabs™ are recommended for fresh and fruit driven wines with balanced mouthfeel. Please consult our video on how to use Malotabs™

You can watch how to use Malotabs™ with the following link: