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Developed in collaboration with the Institut Coopératif du Vin, France

Add to the must or toward the end of fermentation or during the ageing of wine.

What For
Mouthfeel increase and roundness


Red Wine

White Wine

Rosé Wine

Prevent sulfur defects and stabilize wine

The inactivated yeast cells of a popular ICV selected yeast are now available for sulfur compound prevention during fermentation and aging. NOBLESSE® also helps modify and stabilize the wine’s colloidal balance, resulting in: • Increased perception of ripe fruit • More intense structure, initial mouthfeel volume and rounded finish • Decreased perception of “sawdust/sap” in wines aged in new barrels • Decreased perception of harsh, chemical and burning sensations • Stimulation of malolactic fermentation. Dosage recommendation: Add 20-30 g/hL of NOBLESSE® to the must, or toward the end of fermentation.

10-30 g/hL

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