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May 5, 2017

Excellent Sauvignon Blanc vintage 2017

The recent 2017 South African vintage has been very kind to Sauvignon Blanc production in general. Lovers of South African Sauvignon Blanc can really look forward to some pretty good ones from vintage 2017.

Excellent feedback from winemakers and various tasting sessions confirmed that the new Lallemand white wine yeast strain, Lalvin SensyTM , performed excellently in making a good Sauvignon Blanc.
Lalvin SensyTM was selected and characterised for its ability to produce very low levels of SO2 and low H2S. These characteristics facilitate a full expression of wine aroma. Further, low acetaldehyde levels by this strain also help with the use of lower SO2 additions after fermentation.

Please continue reading for more information the attachments below.Question and Answer Lalvin SensyTDS LALVIN SENSY lae resWE-7-H2S-production-by-wine-yeast

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