Protects vineyards against abiotic stresses

  • Adatto al vino biologico (EU 2018/848)
  • Adatto per il NOP
  • Vegano

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Informazioni tecniche

  • Utilizzo : General recommendation between 4-6 inch shoots and beginning of flowering. Number of applications: ≥1 (1-3 usual; no maximum limit). Applications every 10-14 days. Effective from the first application.
  • Benefici per la viticoltura: Increases physiological activity, increases photosynthesis, improves water potential and microclimate of the bunch. Promotes the recovery of the vineyard after episodes of abiotic stress. Increases performance. Reduces fruit setproblems associated with unfavorable environmental conditions. Improves the quality and balance of the grape by achieving a better leaf/fruit balance for a more balanced maturity. Prevents the effects of climate change and global warming on the vine:

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