Lallzyme MMX™

Enzyme for clarification of Botrytis infected reds and whites

  • Suitable for NOP
  • Vegan

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Product details

Lallzyme MMX™ is a beta-glucanase and pectinase blend sourced from Trichoderma sp. and Aspergillus niger. This enzymatic preparation was developed to improve yeast autolysis of wines on lees. The result is an increase in volume and mouthfeel contributing to a fuller more rounded wine. Because of the synergy of its glucanase and pectinase activities, Lallzyme MMX™ can also be used to improve filterability of wines infected with Botrytis. Note: The use of Lallzyme MMX™ requires filing for “letterhead approval” with the TTB as it contains enzymes sourced from Trichoderma sp.

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Technical information

  • Application: Clarification, filtration, aging, botrytized grapes
  • Activity: Beta-glucanase, pectinase
  • Origin: Aspergillus niger & Tricoderma sp.

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