Open Innovation

Collective of international scientists at the leading edge of research on microorganisms and wines

Drawing on collective intelligence

Our open and dynamic innovation generates a flow of knowledge fed by a collective of international scientists at the leading edge of research on microorganisms and wines.

We collaborate with more than 70 private and public organisations. This open and bold research explores complex topics always in sync with nature and develops long term technological projects for a durable approach.

This collective intelligence leads to excellence; our flexibility and ability to quickly adapt is based on a synergistic approach.

  • Human synergy: The collective intelligence at the core of our R&D. We give value to academic and technical partnerships with a strong ethical focus.
  • Investment synergy: Constant and significant investment in R&D, for short, medium and long-term projects, supporting theses, students and researchers.
  • Cultural synergy: Since the 1970’s, Lallemand Oenology has been inspired by life. Our healthy and dynamic mindset drives our creativity.
  • Multidisciplinary synergy: our R&D team has different levels of expertise, complementary to each other, all related to microbiology and nature.


Anticipating needs to achieve excellence



Our early involvement in R&D and oenology at the beginning of the 1970’s has led to loyal and strong partnerships with our current network. It has resulted in new, leading-edge technologies, publication of sound and reliable results, PhD theses (more than 30 over the last 10 years) and numerous patents.

Identification of specific components with antioxidant properties using complex metabolomic technique