Commitment to proof

Life-Sized Acceleration

Validating research results is a key step to which we dedicate both time and resources. We are supported by our network of external technical institutes as well as our partner distributors.

We validate all the solutions we develop. Yeasts, bacteria, nutrients, yeast derivatives, vineyard solutions, chitin-based solutions and enzymes, are all tested to be sure they provide practical solutions for the wine industry, grape growers and winemakers.

  • Commitment through proof: Numerous trials are done in real vinification conditions in our two experimental wineries. We also validate them in our distributor and research partners’ experimental cellars, as well as with producer partners, on different vintages and a wide range of grape varieties and conditions around the world. We can optimize our recommendations for use. These essential steps during the end stages of R&D are key in understanding our products and how they perform.
  • Scale-up and production expertise: Our strength and uniqueness are found in our ability to transform our research into innovative products. Our 3 pilot plants and our expertise in microorganisms and different yeast derivatives support the development of new and unique production processes. These contribute to the performance of our solutions for targeted applications, to enhance vine and wine quality.