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LalVigne CICATRIX improves the recovery of vines and their productive potential, reducing the negative impact of the damage caused by hail on the plant, grapes, and wine. In response to hail damage the vine will try to contain the injured area forming physical and chemical barriers (Harris, 1992), as these wounds provide new space and nutrients for insects and pathogens. Phenolic compounds will be an important part of this response of the plant, due to their antioxidant and antifungal activity as well as their function as precursors of other secondary metabolites such as lignin, a fundamental component of the plant cell wall. LalVigne CICATRIX will stimulate the synthesis of these compounds facilitating a faster recomposition of the leaf area for a faster and more effective vineyard recovery.

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Technical information

  • Application: Product for foliar application. Apply as soon as possible after hail damage. 1kg/ha
  • Impact: Increases yield, reducing losses caused by hail. In previous experiences increases ≥ 10%
  • Viticulture benefits: LalVigne CICATRIX will reduce the negative impact that hail damage will have on grape and wine quality, it will increase the homogeneity of the bunches, balancing their development and maturity level.
  • Oenological benefits: Improve the balance in the grape components, impacting on a higher wine quality.

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