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In a context of climate change, it has been shown that grape musts show chemical changes and imbalances with micronutrient depletion. Yeast nutrition management is key to face these new challenges. Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN) is a vital factor that has a significant impact on wine fermentation. It is essential and influences both fermentation kinetics and wine quality. YAN coming from yeast autolysate is rich in amino acids and some small peptides which are assimilated gradually by the yeast during alcoholic fermentation and also contribute to an increase in aromatic ester formation. However, nitrogen is not the only key component for well-balanced nutrition. To read more about this topic and the Lallemand Stimula product range, please click on the button below.    

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Alongside our expertise in wine yeast production, we have built know-how in the production and characterisation of inactivated yeast derivative fractions. Over the years, we have developed yeast nutrients that are increasingly specific, in line with changes in must composition, more respectful of yeast sensory metabolism, wine quality and the aromatic expression of certain grape varieties.

Published Jun 2, 2024 | Updated Jun 10, 2024

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