Pure-Lees™ Longevity

A new selected specific inactivated yeast to protect wine against oxidation during storage / aging

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Product details

As soon as alcoholic fermentation (AF) is complete, wine becomes very sensitive to oxygen. Oxidation mechanisms are responsible for the loss of fruit aromas and the appearance of heavy notes. Pure-Lees™ Longevity is a specific inactivated yeast developed in collaboration with INRA Montpellier in order to provide a tool to help wine resist oxidation during storage and aging. Pure-Lees™ Longevity relies on a high dissolved oxygen consumption capacity.

Selected by Developped in collaboration with INRA, France

Wine types


Technical information

  • Application: Add to the must/wine, towards the end of alcoholic fermentation
  • Impact: Sensory and color
  • Usage: To protect against oxidation during aging or storage
  • Dosage: 20-40

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