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SILKA™ 1-Step: Available now in 1-Step format, this selected wine bacteria expresses silky notes in red wines

Oenococcus oeni selected in La Rioja, SILKA™ achieves complete malolactic fermentation in warm climate wine conditions with high pH and high alcohol content. What makes SILKA™ so unique is its ability to produce round, silky and fresh red wines, with soft tannins and very low bitterness and astringency. Because it was isolated in La Rioja, SILKA™ is also well suited to perform MLF in oak, bringing about a nice oak- integrated sensation and nice persistency. SILKA™ is now available in 2 freeze-dried formats, easy to use and depending on the winemakers’ needs: SILKA™ is available in the Lallemand Oenology MBR™ process for a direct inoculation in wines, and also available in  SILKA™ 1-Step, a malolactic kit with an activation protocol of 6 to 24 hours depending on the malic acid content of red wines.

Published Jul 14, 2020

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