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Our vineyard solutions can be part of a strategy to reduce the use of chemicals in the vineyard, combat the consequences of climate change, and ensure grape quality for wine quality.
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From vine to wine quality

Our LalVigne™ range of selected microbiological solutions for vineyard applications is based on Lallemand Oenology’s expertise, knowledge and experience in microbiology and winemaking.

Our LalVigne™ range is applied at various moments of the vine growth cycle. With our vineyard solutions, our main objective is to contribute to a more integrated viticulture and to strengthen the link between viticulture and oenology to the benefit of wine quality.

Our range focuses on:

  • Balancing abiotic stress
  • Water stress management
  • Supporting vines in their recovery after hail damage
  • Supporting grapes Botrytis defense with a natural strategy
  • Elevating aroma precursors in grapes and wines
  • Advancing phenolic maturity

The efficacy of our natural and innovative microbiological solutions has been confirmed through their positive impact on the vines, the grapes, and the final quality of the wine.

To ensure it, we have conducted rigourous field testing over several years in diverse conditions:

grape varieties
> 25
wine-producing countries
> 30
peer-reviewed papers

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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