For the detoxification of sluggish and stuck fermentations.

  • OMRI listed
  • Suitable for organic wine (EU 2018/848)
  • Suitable for NOP
  • Vegan

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Product details

NUTRIENT VIT END™ is a complex product including yeast cell walls which have good bio-absorptive properties for toxic saturated short and medium chain fatty acids and pesticides. Given it is comprised of a selected inactivated yeast, NUTRIENT VIT END™ also contributes some survival factors and low levels of yeast derived nutrients. NUTRIENT VIT END™ can be used early to bind residual fungicides or later to bind specific fermentation-derived inhibitors like short- and medium-chain fatty acids. When used preventatively, Nutrient Vit End can bind these toxins and help minimize the risk of sluggish or stuck fermentations.

Wine types


Technical information

  • Product type: Nutrient
  • Application: Prevention or treatment of stuck fermentation
  • OMRI approved
  • Usage: Detoxification for treating stuck or sluggish fermentations
  • Nutrients for: Yeast
  • Dosage: 30-40

Product documentation