Our wine enzymes

Enzymes are a very effective tool and play a decisive role in the oenological process: a few grams of our wine enzymes can enhance the quality of the wine or resolve a difficulty in the process.

Rapidase™ was a pioneer in developing enzymes for the wine industry and has been providing wine applicable enzymes since 1922. To offer the best efficiency in application, each Rapidase formulation is developed and tested with the world’s most renowned wine research institutes and validated in wineries at production scale.

High activity raw materials

  • Rapidase™ enzymes are formulations based on our expertise, research and trial results undertaken over several years..
  • For our Rapidase™ range, we select high activity raw materials for each enzyme formulation to reach premium performance with the maximum impact of quality, action time and yield.

From skin maceration to storage and ageing

Our wine enzymes can help winemakers to: 

  • Increase the content of aroma precursors, phenolic compounds and polysaccharides of their must and wine 
  • Increase yield and free-run juice proportion 
  • Obtain a clear must maintaining the nutritional and aromatic richness of the must, even in challenging conditions 
  • Reach a higher extraction of colour and tannins, stable over time 
  • Enhance wine aromas 
  • Protect their wines against the adverse effect of Botrytis cinerea contamination 

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.