Lalvin MCBB™
(Oenococcus oeni)

Malolactic Culture Butter Bomb

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Product details

Lalvin MCBB™ has been selected during a European CRAFT in Fair program on wine lactic acid bacteria diversity. Following an extensive screening, Lalvin MCBB™ was selected as a very efficient malolactic strain, for white wines, able to produce high concentrations of diacetyl (buttery notes) when inoculated at the end of alcoholic fermentation. Lalvin MCBB™, Malolactic Culture Butter Bomb, is a robust wine bacteria strain able to grow quickly and achieve reliable MLF under a broad range of winemaking conditions.

Selected by European CRAFT in Fair program

Wine types


Technical information

  • Minimum temperature: 14 °C
  • pH tolerance: 3.2
  • Alcohol tolerance: 15.5 %
  • Diacetyl production post af inoculation: Very high
  • Sensory impact: Enhance fruit aromas, High diacetyl in sequential inoculation, increase volume and softness
  • Cinnamyl esterase activity: 1

Product documentation