Bioprotection in winemaking consists of using active selected microorganisms to control undesirable microorganisms and reduce the risk of wine spoilage.

As an expert in the selection and production of non-Saccharomyces yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, we have developed many natural and efficient solutions from vine to wine to bioprotect grapes, musts or wines against spoilage microorganisms or against oxidation.

The use of some specific non-Saccharomyces wine yeast on grapes or musts instead of adding SO2 is a bioprotection practice. Some of them can also have a double action: an antimicrobial action and an antioxidant action.

Inoculation with selected wine bacteria is a bioprotection practice, and their early inoculation in fermenting must reduces the growth of undesirable microorganisms like Brettanomyces, and other undesirable lactic acid bacteria. 

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