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YSEO process: a unique yeast production process

Lallemand has developed a unique yeast production process called YSEO® (Yeast Security and Sensory Optimization). This process increases fermentation reliability and security and ensures fewer organoleptic deviations, but not all yeast can be prepared by this process. The process (when compared to non YSEO®):
  • Improves the yeast cells assimilation of essential micronutrients and vitamins.
  • Improves the yeasts ability to implant in the must for a more reliable fermentation.
  • Linked to a reduction in yeast stress thereby reducing H2S, VA and SO2 production.
  • Shorter lag phase.
  • Improves the resistance and adaption of the yeast under difficult fermentation conditions.
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Yeast Nutrition and Protection for Good alcoholic fermentation


SIY for red wines

A consise explanation of the production process and the sensory contribution of Lallemand Specific Inactivated Yeast products for red wine.

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Level2 Solutions – using non-Saccharomyces yeast in winemaking

Lallemand is exploring the use of non-Saccharomyces yeast with aromatic properties that are unique from those found in Saccharomyces, in order to contribute a more complex aromatic profile.

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Guidelines for successful barrel fermentations of Chardonnay / Riglyne vir suksesvolle vat fermentasies van chardonnay

(Inligting saamgestel deur Dominique Delteil en Piet Loubser) Gisrasse ICV-D47, ICV-D254 en CY3079 bly steeds van die beste keuses vir die bereiding van ’n vrug gedrewe en voller styl van Chardonnay. Die geheim om suksesvolle fermentasies te verseker is om proaktief  op te tree en Goeie Fermentasie Praktyke te volg. Hieronder volg belangrike riglyne oor hoe om genoemde gisrasse suksesvol te gebruik tydens tenk, asook vat fermentasies.  Click on the following link: Barrel fermentation Chardonnay South Africa