Protection against must and wine oxidation

Oxidation is a phenomenon that can occur at various stages of the winemaking process, from the moment grapes are harvested up to wine storage and transport.

When a must or wine is oxidised, it loses freshness, the bouquet becomes tired and dull and browning can occur, mainly in whites and rosés.

Sulfite addition is the traditional solution to avoid oxidation.

However, with the shift in consumer demand towards low to no-SO2 wines, winemakers are on the lookout for more natural alternatives.

We offer a wide range of biological solutions, such as non-Saccharomyces wine yeast, some specific yeast derivatives naturally rich in glutathione, and a specific inactivated yeast with a high dissolved oxygen uptake capacity to protect wine against oxidation during storage /ageing and transportation. Those natural solutions are very efficient to prevent must and wine oxidation from the pre-fermentation stages to wine transportation.

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