Our selected wine yeasts

Without yeast, there is no wine. Our selected wine yeasts are an essential partner for the winemaker to produce wines, and an even more important partner for the production of quality wines.
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The strengths of our wine yeasts

Since the beginning of the 1970’s, Lallemand Oenology has been one of the world leaders in selecting and producing natural wine yeasts, exploring the biodiversity to discover unique wine yeasts of Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces strains.

We select them from nature, focusing our expertise and resources on innovative and reliable solutions with the ultimate goals to respect, maintain and enhance wine quality. 

We answer very diverse and specific needs from the wine industry that go far beyond the simple transformation of sugar to ethanol occurring when fermenting a grape juice to wine: 

  • Providing bioprotection and prevention from oxidation
  • Restarting stuck alcoholic fermentations
  • Limiting SO2 and sulfur off-flavors
  • Reducing the use of preservatives and additives
  • Revealing the full grapes potential
  • Optimising sensorial profiles
  • Acidifying and conferring freshness
  • Mitigating the impact of climate change
  • Unlocking the aroma potential: Authenticity and uniqueness of the aroma profiles

Our approach inspired by nature combining leading-edge science with advanced techniques, innovative production processes, and emerging technologies allows us:

  • To help winemakers face the challenges to which they are confronted and,
  • To provide them with natural efficient solutions through competitive, valued, and superior quality products.

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