Our specific yeast derivatives

Our full range of specific yeast derivatives is inspired by the traditional process of ageing on lees.
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Lallemand Oenology proposes a full range of specific yeast derivatives products

Pioneer in the exploration of the infinite potential of yeast, we have a unique expertise to characterise and produce specific inactivated wine yeast fractions:

  • A selection of inactivated wine yeasts with specific properties issued from the various exclusive Lallemand processes (SWYT, MEX, GSH+ and HPH)
  • Yeast autolysates
  • Cell walls
  • Mannoproteins
  • Yeast protein extracts

Depending on the products, the winemaker can:

  • Protect white and rosé wine color and aromas against oxidation, from grapes to finished wines
  • Improve red wine texture, mouthfeel and colour
  • Use alternatives to lees for wine ageing
  • Preserve wine stability and quality
  • Eliminate undesirable wine compounds, such as sulfur compounds, long-chain fatty acids and some pesticides
  • Achieve wine fining

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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