Production Expertise

All our products benefit from our unique production expertise

We control our products from A to Z.

Industrial Expertise

Lallemand Oenology has the unique, exclusive and distinctive expertise to produce wine yeast,  wine bacteria, wine nutrients and wine specific yeast derivatives.

Our company has a singular approach in managing every step of microorganism production, leading to high-quality and effective products, with the highest vitality and activity. With our unique expertise in producing microorganisms and strict control of the production processes, as well as in-depth product knowledge, we offer a reliable and comprehensive range of natural solutions to support winemakers throughout their whole winemaking journey.

No standardisation of our production processes

Besides, we invest in the future by continuously improving our production procedures and processes at our various global plants, each dedicated to specific microorganism families. From standard production processes for wine yeasts, wine bacteria and specialty yeast derivatives, our internal R&D teams specialises in developing new and optimised processes, to answer our customers’ demands and needs, and to support the development of our original innovations. There is no standardisation of our production processes. Each strain of micro-organism, whatever its genus and species, is unique and requires its own recipe to ensure its efficiency. We also develop several  specific yeasts fractions inactivation processes to get different yeasts derivatives with unique properties.

This leads to improved quality, efficiency, robustness and reliability for all of our products, and helps winemakers stay competitive and meet the ever-changing market.

A unique know-how

Our specialists, who are knowledgeable in production processes, use their expertise gained over a century for yeasts and over 30 years for bacteria and yeast derivatives to tailor specific recipes and procedures for the production of each of our microorganisms.
We produce over 200 different wine yeasts strains each year
We produce over 35 different wine bacteria strains each year
We produce over 30 specific wine yeast fractions for wine applications each year
We produce over 20 specific wine enzyme formulations each year.
Our chitosan-based products are 100% fungal origin from Aspergillus niger.
We produce over 10 specific wine yeast fractions for vine applications each year

Our specific production processes

YSEO™ signifies Yeast Security and Sensory Optimisation, a unique Lallemand wine yeast production process to help overcome demanding fermentation conditions.
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This specific and unique process for producing wine bacteria in their lyophilised active form makes it possible to pre-adapt the microorganisms to the conditions of the wine environment.
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The excellent activity and high vitality of the 1-STEP starter culture is achieved during a short acclimatisation step that activates their metabolism to induce a fast onset of malolactic fermentation.
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To secure malolactic fermentation on sparkling wines and acidic white wines. Wine bacteria need to be used with a propagation steps over several days.
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We also develop several  specific yeasts fractions inactivation processes to get different yeasts derivatives with unique properties.
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Watch how our wine bacteria are produced