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Level2 Laktia™ – the acidifying yeast

The non-Saccharomyces wine yeast, Level2 Laktia™ (Lachancea thermotolerans) is more and more used by winemakers to bring freshness in wines by managing wine acidity without the use of chemicals. Level2 Laktia™ converts glucose into lactic acid. It can produce 2-9 g/L of lactate depending on the conditions. It significantly increases total acidity and decreases the pH of wines. S. cerevisiae is inoculated 24 to 72 hours later depending on the lactate production objective (the longer the delay is the higher lactate production will be). It is used mainly in reds as it brings freshness and red fruit aromas but also in white and rose, however, ensure that initial SO2 level is as low as possible.