The revolution in rehydration, the wine yeast protector that keeps on giving

Nutrients Under Investigation – Issue 6

GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™ is a revolutionary protectant for wine yeast rehydration. Ever since its availability on the market 2 years ago, winemakers have enthusiastically adopted it. They praise its ease of use, and the significant gain of time in the winery during the busy harvest period as it allows the active dry yeast to be rehydrated in room temperature water for 15 minutes and no acclimatization is necessary. Not only, that, it is highly efficient in terms of maintaining and optimising yeast viability and vitality. Our new field trials show that GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™, even with the rapid rehydration, does not compromise the sensory impact and typicity of wines. This Under Investigation will share those research results.

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Published May 20, 2024 | Updated Jun 19, 2024

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