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Biogenic Amines in Wines. How to prevent their formation with selected wine bacteria.

Biogenic amines are the topic du jour. Indeed, more and more wine buyers, consumers and importers are concerned with the biogenic amine levelis  in wine as some people are intolerant to them.  Low SO2 or natural wines are more likely to contain higher amounts. The use of selected wine bacteria, as well as our chitin-glucan Bactiless™ are the most efficient and natural solutions to prevent the production of biogenic amines.

The Wine Expert is back and this  document highlights some of the characterization work that we are doing in order for you to better choose and use our different microorganisms or their derivates for your wine. Our Wine Expert for this topic is Dr P.Lucas, the  deputy director of the Oenology Research Unit at ISVV of the University of Bordeaux. will provide information about the how and why.

Published Mar 25, 2021

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