(Saccharomyces cerevisiae cerevisiae)

For acidity and balance in reds

  • Suitable for organic wine (EU 2018/848)
  • Suitable for NOP
  • Vegan

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Product details

IONYSwf™ is the first wine yeast that has been selected within the Saccharomyces cerevisiæ species for its capacity to significantly and naturally acidify must during fermentation. Wines obtained from high maturitygrapes and fermented with this yeast are well-balanced and more fresher.

Selected by Selected in collaboration with INRA, Montpellier, France

Wine types


Technical information

  • General sensory contribution: High acidification power:
  • Competitive factor: Active
  • Minimum temperature: 20 °C
  • Maximum temperature: 28 °C
  • Nutritional needs: High
  • MLF compatibility: Neutral
  • SO2production: Very low
  • Fermentation rate: Moderate
  • Alcohol tolerance: 16 %
  • Glycerol production: Very high

Product documentation


  • Malbec: Mid-palate enhancement
  • Petite Syrah: Structural enhancement
  • Sangiovese: Mid-palate enhancement
  • Syrah: Structural enhancement
  • Tempranillo: Mid-palate enhancement