Speed up your wine yeast rehydration with our revolutionary yeast protector

A micro-agglomerated yeast protector for yeast rehydration

GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™ is the innovative natural yeast protector, based on a unique yeast autolysate with a high concentration and bioavailability of ergosterols, and developed with an innovative specific Lallemand process leading to a micro-agglomerated form.

With its specific properties, GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™:

  • Allows faster and more efficient wine yeast sterols integration during yeast
    rehydration in cool water (15 mins – water rehydration temperature above
  • Increases the yeast membrane resistance for better yeast viability and vitality
    during the vinification process , even in harsh conditions

GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™ enhances fermentation security in difficult winemaking conditions and alsoi mproves yeast aroma precursors assimilation, allowing a better aromatic compounds release.

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Published Jun 19, 2024

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