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Fermaid O is the latest nutrient developed by our winemaking nutrient research team headed by Dr. Anne Ortiz-Julien • Blend of specific inactivated yeast fractions that are rich in available amino acids. • Does not contain added ammonia salts (DAP) or added micronutrients. • Fermaid O provides the fermentation with : - Highly available amino-acids and peptides - Natural sources of vitamins • 2 x 20g/hl additions provides the must with 15-20mg YAN/L of organic nitrogen.

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Technical information

  • Product type: Nutrient
  • Application: Beginning and 1/3 of the alcoholic fermentation
  • OMRI approved
  • Usage: To compensate must deficiency in nitrogen & micronutrients
  • Nutrients for: Yeast
  • Dosage: 10-40

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