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LalVigne PROHYDRO is a natural product that increases the tolerance of grapevines to water stress, reducing the negative impact that water deficit can have on grape and wine quality. An excessive deficit of water will reduce the physiological activity of the vine, and may even reach limits which do not allow the recovery of the photosynthetic system of the leaf, producing an early senescence and abscission, which will lead to a worse ripening of the bunches, an increase in their direct exposure to solar radiation and a lower accumulation of reserve substances in the plant. LalVigne PROHYDRO, applied preventively to water stress conditions, will improve vine adaptation and resistance to excessive water deficit and will increase its recovery after periods of water stress.

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Technical information

  • Application: Recommended to start preventive applications before the onset of conditions that may cause water stress in the vineyard at 1 kg/ha. For severe post bloom stress, please consult the technical sheet.
  • Impact: Naturally improves the vine tolerance to water stress.
  • Viticulture benefits: Reduces the level of water stress suffered by the plant, which will translate into maintaining a more important physiological activity, with higher photosynthesis and transpiration values
  • Oenological benefits: Improve the balance of the grape components resulting in a higher wine quality

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