Opti’Malo Plus

The nutrient for malolactic fermentation

  • Vegan

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Product details

Opti’Malo PLUS™ was formulated to help support MLF in difficult wines. Add Opti’Malo PLUS™ directly to the wine before inoculating with the malolactic bacteria culture. Do not use Opti’Malo PLUS™ during bacteria rehydration. Opti’Malo PLUS™ is a unique blend of specific inactive yeasts rich in amino acids, mineral cofactors, vitamins and polysaccharides. These inactive yeasts are mixed with cellulose to provide more surface area to help keep bacteria in suspension, and to help absorb potential malolactic bacteria inhibitors. Dosage recommendation: Add 20 g/hL (1.6 lb/1000 gal) Opti’Malo PLUS™ to a small amount of water or wine and then add directly to the wine anytime from 48 hours prior to or up until the same time as the malolactic bacteria culture addition.

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Technical information

  • Product type: Nutrient
  • Application: 1/3 de fermentation
  • Usage: Nutrients for Wine bacteria
  • Nutrients for: Bacteria
  • Dosage: 20

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