Maceration is a critical step in winemaking, particularly for red wines. During maceration, diffusion of intracellular compounds (anthocyanins, tannins, aroma precursors) is limited by cell walls.  The use of our wine enzymes from the LALLZYME™ range during the maceration step helps with the breakdown of grape cell walls, enhancing the extraction of tannins, colour, and allowing a better wine colour stabilisation.

Our wine enzymes also promote the extraction of flavour compounds contributing to the wine’s flavour profile, structure, and complexity.

For the extraction of aromatic precursors from white grapes (thiols, norisoprenoids and terpenes), skin maceration is an important step too. The use of our maceration enzymes specific to white grapes promotes the extraction of precursors, and saves time in the cellar. Furthermore, their action is precise and targeted, which preserves the other quality components (e.g. phenolic compounds).

Finally, using our enzymes during maceration accelerates the process of must depectinisation, which will continue throughout the pressing, leading to better juice quality and saving time for the subsequent static settling or flotation steps.

Other biological tools help protect wine sensory quality, aromas and colour. Find all related products and resources in this section.