For rounded and smooth tannin red wines

  • OMRI listed
  • Suitable for organic wine (EU 2018/848)
  • Suitable for NOP
  • Vegan

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Product details

Opti-Red® is a unique natural yeast preparation that undergoes a specific refining process resulting in a high level of polyphenol-reactive yeast cell wall polysaccharides. Opti-Red® is used at the beginning of red wine fermentations to obtain fuller bodied, more color stable, smooth palate wines. Using Opti-Red® in the must provides early polysaccharide availability for the complexing with polyphenols as soon as they are released and diffused. This early complexing results in red wines with more stable color, rounder mouthfeel and better harsh or green tannin integration. Opti-Red® can be used alone or in conjunction with enological macerating enzymes such as Lallzyme EX™. Using Opti-Red® towards the end of fermentation allows the winemaker to shape harsh polyphenols into smoother more approachable tannins. Dosage recommendation: Add Opti-Red® to the must at 227 g/ton (0.5 lb/ton) or 30 g/hL (2.4 lb/1000 gal) towards the end of fermentation.

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Technical information

  • Application: Add to must or toward the end of fermentation
  • OMRI approved
  • Impact: Sensory
  • Usage: Rounded and smooth tannin red wines
  • Dosage: 30

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