Lalvin VP41 1-Step ™
(Oenococcus oeni)

Supports red berry fruit and very low diacetyl production

  • Suitable for organic wine (EU 2018/848)
  • Suitable for NOP
  • Vegan

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Product details

Lalvin VP41® was isolated in Italy during an extensive European Union collaboration to research natural Oenococcus oeni strains. Numerous wineries and enological institutes participated in this four-year effort to isolate, study and select malolactic bacteria with unique winemaking properties. The positive mouthfeel contribution of Lalvin VP41® stood out in tastings when compared to other ML bacteria strains. In temperatures below 16°C (61°F), Lalvin VP41® is a slow starter, but will complete fermentation. The very good implantation, high alcohol and SO2 tolerance, plus the steady fermentation kinetics of Lalvin VP41®, make it a very reliable malolactic fermentation culture to use when a significant impact on wine structure is desired.

Selected by Italian selection from the CRAFT project

Wine types


Technical information

  • Minimum temperature: 16 °C
  • pH tolerance: >3.1
  • Alcohol tolerance: 16 %
  • Co-inoculation suitability: Recommended
  • Diacetyl production during co-inoculation: Low
  • Diacetyl production post af inoculation: Low
  • Sensory impact: FruityMouthfeelFreshness
  • Cinnamyl esterase activity: 0

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