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Lalvin ICV SunRose™

Selected in collaboration witn Institut Coopératif du Vin, France

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Competitive Factor

General Sensory Contribution
Fresh fruity aromas

Rosé Wine

Enhance freshness and red fruit character in your rosé wines

Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is a selected wine yeast isolated from nature and specifically recommended for rosé wines that are red fruit focused. Lalvin ICV SunRose™ produces elegant and complex wines with a balanced, round mouthfeel while preserving freshness. Selected in collaboration with the Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV) Lalvin ICV SunRose™ is especially suitable for Mediterranean grape varieties.

Fermentation Speed

Nitrogen Needs

Alcohol Tolerance
16 %

Volatile Acidity

SO₂ Production
Very low

Max. Temperature
20 °C

Min. Temperature
14 °C

Acetaldehyde Production
Very low

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